What's New
  • Version 2.0: automatic detection of mail messages moved, full path shown in the classification column, compatible with thunderbird 3
  • Version 1.5: Automatic classification at the first run, optional automatic move on classification (not default), can exclude folders
  • Version 1.0: new multi-level bayesian filter, folders sorted in the context menu, you can use folders inside the inbox
  • Version 0.7: Version for Thunderbird 2, sort by classification
  • Version 0.6.3: Hungarian locale, fixed permission control bug
  • Version 0.6.2: Japanese locale and fixed bug
  • Version 0.6.1: fixed bug with user folders in the inbox
  • Version 0.5: fixed bug with IMAP and Local Folders
  • Version 0.4: added support for subfolders
  • Version 0.3 relased: it's faster
  • First release! (submit bugs, please)

The mailclassifier extension helps you to move the email in the right folder, it uses bayesian filtering.

When a new mail arrives, it's classified and the most probable folder it goes in is showed in the new classification column.

If you agree with the classification, click on the hyperlink and the email will be moved in the respective folder

The classification engine is trained automatically when you move a message to a user defined folder.

If you select multiple messages and want to move each one in its respective folder

Right Click -> Classification -> Move
Tools -> Mailclassifier -> Move messages

Instead, if you want to classify all the messages in the inboxes or train the classification engine from scratch use:

Tools -> Mailclassifier -> Classify all

The languages available are:

You can make a new translation for this plugin at

The mailclassifier project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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